A team manager, who preferably should not be a competing pilot, shall head each national team.

Each participating country is allowed to send a maximum of 10 crews and a team manager. If the total number of entries exceeds 70 the organizer is permitted to reduce the maximum number of entries per country.

Each participating country must provide International Judges. Paragraph D.3 of the Rules and Regulations for FAI Rally Flying Championship is applicable.

Each competing pilot shall possess a valid private pilot licence or licence of a higher grade; all competitors must have a valid FAI Sporting Licence.


The Preliminary Entries

The Preliminary Entry Forms should be sent not later than 28th February, 2021 (Extended to 31st March 2021) to the address


Early Bird Discount.

Early payments received before 31st March 2021 will be invoiced at the early bird discounts below.

After this date Entry Fees will revert to normal without discount.


Official Entries

The Official Entry Forms must be sent not later than 15th June 2021 to the address An Invoice will be prepared for the entry fees, extra accommodation and 50% of aircraft hire costs and must be paid before 30th July 2021.


Late Entries

Entries received after 15 June 2021, may be accepted by the Organizer only if there are vacancies and only together with late entry fee.


Non- acceptance of Entries

Entries received after 19th July 2021, will be not accepted. From this date to the official start of the Championship only personal changes in official entries can be accepted.


List of Official Entries

The list of Preliminary and Official Entries will be posted on the competition website.


Final Entries without Entry Fees

If an NAC sends a final entry but fails to pay the required entry fee, that NAC shall lose its right to participate in the Championship until the fee is paid.