Aircraft Hire

The South African Power Flying Association has secured the initial hiring rights to sufficient Cessna 150/2’s and C172’s. However these can only be secured once the final bookings have been made and paid for. 


Ferry costs will be covered by each participating team at a rate of R7 000 per team. (Final Rates TBC)


The organisers will apply the “First Come First Served” principle to the booked aircraft.


The following type of aircraft will be available for rent: (Rental fees may be subject to change)


–  Cessna 150/152              R 3 100 /hr wet. (TBC)

–  Cessna 172                     R 4 000 /hr wet. (TBC)


Requests for aircraft should be stated in the Preliminary Entry Forms and will be confirmed only when full Entry Fee is paid.


The rental of aircraft is anticipated to be handled by the organiser. Price will include aircraft insurance, fuel, oil and a shared ferry cost.


Expected hourly rental prices are calculated including fuel and oil. The aircraft will be delivered at the competition airfield and shall be given back at the end of competition, with full tanks and oil at maximum. Surcharges for transfer flights may apply.


Expected fuel price may be changed due to ROE, future fiscal legislation within the South Africa, fuel price and insurance.


Fuel, oil and other prices : (subject to ROE)

MoGas 95                                                              R  25.00  (TBC)

AVGAS 100 LL                                                       R  24.01  (TBC)

AEROSHELL 100,100W, ELF 100AD                      R 242.00 (TBC)



Each competing aircraft will possess a Certificate of Airworthiness and must be operated in accordance with the aircraft manual.


For all civil aircraft using the airspace of the South Africa Republic, liability insurance has to be concluded with respect to damages caused by operation of that aircraft to the third parties covering a minimum amount in SDR (Special Drawing Rights) or an equivalent value of any other freely convertible currencies, for the aircraft with MTOW as mentioned below:


  1. a) MTOW up to 1000 kg 500.000 SDR (approx. 1.800.000 EUR) – TBC
  2. b) MTOW above 1000 kg to 2700 kg 000.000 SDR (approx. 3.600.000 EUR) – TBC

Each competing aircraft must be insured against 3rd Party Public Liability claims with a minimum amount as mentioned above according to MTOW. Aircraft arriving in the South Africa Republic must be able to present the policy with a copy in English, certified by the Insurance Company.


Pilot Excess insurance to the value of R 25 000 will be compulsory on aircraft rented through the organisers. If competitors have existing insurance, a certificate of validity for South Africa will be required, alternatively this can be arranged by the organisers.


Emergency locator transmitter ELT must be carried on board all aircraft flying out of the aerodrome control zone.


Health and Injury Insurance is entirely the Participant`s own responsibility. The Organiser or South Africa Republic cannot take any responsibility for personal injury or health issues for the participants.