Should any country wish to settle their 2021 account as per their received 2020 Invoice, we will hold these funds over in trust for the 2021 WRFC. Any necessary adjustments will be applied to the 2021 invoice. Please advise us should you wish to take advantage of this offer in order that we can provide you with the relevant banking


Payment for all services and aircraft rental shall be made in Rands in cash or by Credit Card. Any other currencies will not be accepted.


The entry fee must be paid to:

Account Name                   : World Power Flying Championships ( Pty ) Ltd .

Financial Institution             : First National Bank

Account number                 : 62879282904

Branch number                  : 250655

Type                                  :  Current Account

SWIFT No                          : FIRNZAJJ      

Reference:                         : Your Name or Aero Club Name


Currency exchange is for each participant’s own responsibility